Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are we at the half-way point yet?

Everybody has a “half-way” point on their travels.

Well, I guess they do. We do.

Its not exactly the exact point as on a 500-mile trip, one stops right at the 250-mile marker.

That’s not the way it happens. Nothing is that exact. Well, I don’t think so.

Years ago, we would travel from our home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast some 80 miles to the north to Hattiesburg, the hometown of my wife.

At the time we had two young children. Well, I thought they were young, one a teen and the other wishing.

Wiggins would be considered the halfway point. But we didn’t always stop there.

Our first few years, having taken what is now referred to as “Old Highway 67,” we would stop about six miles from Wiggins and tank up on a soft drink for each of us.

Later on, we stopped just north of Wiggins for refreshments.

And then occasionally we would stop way before Wiggins, then sometimes in Perkinston (just south of Wiggins), and get something to drink.

Those last times were when our children were up and gone and it was just me and my wife.

It is amazing how an event grows.

Our children, early on, were happy to have a Coke or Barq’s Root Beer. That worked for a number of years no matter where we stopped.

And then one day, when getting a soft drink, one of our sons couldn’t resist asking to expand their  options — candy or potato chips.

And the new routine was born.

It wasn’t just a drink stop anymore, it was a snack stop. 

I did manage to keep them to two items each. I didn’t want it to advance to a “meal stop” since we were only about 45 miles from a meal at my inlaws.

And nowadays, when wifey and I travel toward the mountains, we have regular stops. And some have been expanded to “meal stops.”

Well, we deserve it!

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