Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Food fotos whet appetite for travel

Travel offers wide variety of delicious enticements

Lately when I sit down to take it easy, my mind almost goes blank. 

But then there are two (maybe three) things I know I will think about.

That’s traveling and food.

Lately my appetite's has been whetted for both.

After last year’s robust adventures of taking five trips of more than 600 miles, I’m getting back into the mood.

Once last Christmas arrived, we seemed to be traveled out.

The winter months are a good time to relax, rest and make more plans.

Originally, plans over the winter included heading back up to the Smokey Mountains for a snowfall, but that didn’t materialize.

We just took it easy. Our only day-trip was to New Orleans for some beignets. We haven’t taken an overnight trip in more than three months. That’s not like us.

But then again, during that time, we decided on a European cruise, so that’s what our time and money are budgeted toward.

Upon return, the mountain trips will resume (already booked time this summer) and may look forward to additional trip to places unknown.  I don’t know.

With the cold days of winter behind, the temperatures edging up, it seems like it is time to head out once again.

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