Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Springtime and the colors explode

It seems as though the last freeze is a few weeks behind us in south Mississippi and we’re heading to Easter, which is just around the corner.

As my father and others over the years have intoned, “don’t plant until Good Friday.”

That seems like a good mantra.

About three or four weeks ago, the weather lightened up, people were out buying and putting  plants into the ground. And then we had another freeze. 

But that seems to be in the past.

There’s nothing like traveling out to the back yard and sowing a few seeds, whether it is for beans, okra, tomatoes or any number of different flowers that offer beauty during the spring and early summer.

I like to take pictures of plants and flowers. I just don’t always know their names. So here’s for just plain enjoyment of plants sans names.

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