Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blowing Rock hugs side of mountain

There are many times when the unexpected crops up.

And there isn't necessarily enough time to fully enjoy.

Such was the case last year on our skiing trip to Sugar Mountain outside of Boone, NC.

We took a different route and found a place we would like to revisit during either late spring, summer or early fall. It seems the place is not as bustling during the winter time.

And the place --  Blowing Rock, NC.

Their web site indicates that Blowing Rock is "only 3 square miles yet home to more than 100 shops, about two dozen restaurants and nearly 20 hotels and inns."

Its just south of Boone.

Heading north, we cut off the main highway (321) upon seeing the city's sign. The road took us through an area with homes and businesses seemingly hanging over the side of the mountain. 

There were numerous vistas, where one could see for miles.

Because our main quest was to go skiing, we just enjoyed the trip through town and headed to Boone. And then we enjoyed the visit through the town once again on the day we left Boone.

It was a place that beckoned to my sense of adventure.

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