Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sultry temps and sand beaches

Sometimes when there's not anything in particular to write about, one tends to write about things closer to home -- and in this case, it is home.

Well, it is our hometown Ocean Springs, but it has to do with the beach. We don't get down to the beach to walk as much as we should, but every so often it does occur.

Since Hurricane Katrina hit some five years ago, local officials saw to it to have a sidewalk built on the beach extending from the bridge to Biloxi back to the town's inner harbor. This is about a mile and a half walk, give or take a little.

It has become a popular place since the walkway was put in and firepits added. There's ample lighting for nighttime excursions. People can be seen walking, jogging or biking the bridge and then they come down to the sandbeach and go along it.

With the wind almost constantly blowing from the south, it is rather comfortable even though summertime can be quite 'sultry.' That word is an euphemism for 'humid.' Nobody likes high humidity, but wow, sultriness can't be that bad.

The word just has a better feeling to it. 

Its a good place to see a full moon rising, watching the shrimpers come in from the gulf or checking on whether or not fishermen along the breakwaters have caught anything.

I really don't like sand. And it is a sand beach. That's why I don't get down there that much.

But when I do, I wonder why I don't do the beach more often.

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