Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First time was great, but you can't go back

There's a saying that one just can't go back and relive a past experience which had been exceptionally memorable.

That's so true.

And that thought takes me to Carmel, CA., where I wanted to relive a previous experience when wifey and I visited a couple years ago (actually it was the summer of '08 on what we call her retirement trip.)

Somewhere around the turn of the century, we came upon an Italian restaurant where we had supper. Must have been a well-liked place because if we had wanted to sit at a table it would have taken a while since it was so crowded and our name would have been way down on the waiting list.

Instead, we were offered seats at the display counter which was adjacent to the oven and open grill where we not only found delicious food but an entertaining time.

There were three or four Hispanics in charge of the area which seemed to be where everything of importance happened. There was a wood-fired oven which was kept busy cooking pizzas and a variety of other dishes.

But there was also an open-flame grill which was so entertaining as seafood and vegetables were readied for consumption.

We ordered salads and shared a pizza. We just sat there eating our meal and just enthralled with the way the cooks handled the orders and prepared them.

It was a great experience and we wanted to get another taste.

Alas, upon returning to Carmel, we couldn't remember the name of the establishment.

Up one street and down the other we walked, looking to and fro, trying to find it.

We finally came across Il Fornaio. We recognized the counter where we ate, but this time was different.

It was midday. There weren't the  sights, sounds and excitement of that previous time.  Nonetheless, we still decided to savor the meal.

And although a good experience, it just wasn't the same.

C'est la vie.

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  1. The place and time were different, you were different, time moves on.... but it is still good to remember and enjoy shared experiences. Where this doesn't apply is going back to the places and haunts of childhood - they shrink!