Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Staying put when storm's brewing

Hurricane damage from Katrina back in 2005

Labor Day has come and gone.

And although we hadn't originally made any plans to travel during the three-day weekend, it was a good thing we didn't.

Tropical storm, then depression Lee made landfall over the weekend. And whether we had gone east, west or north, we would still have been impacted.

Back on this particular day in 1985, Hurricane Elena became a problem along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and adjacent areas.

Lee's appearance wasn't as offensive.

Forecasts called for the storm to bring some 20 inches of rain to the Gulf Coast thus causing massive flooding.

We got some rain in Ocean Springs, but the downpours were intermittent and during the intermissions, the water drained off, never causing us any problems. The wind never did get very strong in our area.

That wasn't the case in other places where roads were flooded and people inconvenienced.

The storm took its time coming onto land and the whole weekend was overcast and rainy.

Being in the hurricane zone, we're prepared for power outages and have enough food to last a few days since most grocery stores usually close because of the lack of electricity.

Since the storm didn't affect any school days (I drive a school bus), we still have a weekday off in October (during cooler weather) in which to plan some type of trip.

But I digress. Between now and the first of October there is still the possibility of a strong storm that could interfere with our plans. Let's hope not.

Next post: Sept.13, 2011


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