Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chance encounters are always interesting

Somewhere amongst my notes, or my wife's notes, are the names of these two women.

Don't they look exhausted?

Well, they were. 

We crossed paths just outside of Hoover Dam on a trip a few years ago.

It was June, and hot.

We had pulled off the road into a Chamber of Commerce parking lot in Boulder City.

Our vehicle was stopped but the motor running, and we had some maps out trying to figure out which way to go.

We heard these loud roars and these two ladies pulled up next to us on their rented motorcycles.

Before we could introduce ourselves, we had barely time to open my wife's door, when they plastered their face up against the air conditioning vent on Linda's side of the van.

They needed some cool. They found a little, as a little bit later, I discovered our air conditioner was getting low on freon.

But for a moment, it satisfied their need. They had been riding all day in the Nevada sun decked out in traditional riding gear which tends to be on the warm side.

They were from the Boston area and had rented the two-wheelers in Vegas. They had a lot of chutzpah. We talked a few minutes and then we were all on different paths once again, having made new acquaintances with memories of a chance encounter to last a lifetime.

Travel is interesting!

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  1. That picture is worth a thousand words! ha ha