Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Not once, not twice, but three times

Sometimes one just doesn’t plan right.

Take, for instance, this past Sunday.

On  a trip 150 miles to the west over the weekend to Baton Rouge, LA, our plans were to head back home on Sunday morning.

As most everyone who watches the weather can recall, Sunday was not a walk in the park for a lot of people.

High winds and tornadoes resulted in the deaths of a few. Buildings and homes suffered damages. The front extended from the Gulf of Mexico up to the midwest.

My wife and I had a three-fer that day.

Getting up a little too late, we decided to stay put and let the storm front pass through. There were high winds, lightening and some very heavy rains.

We survived.

But then, we did what some would call a stupid thing.

After the major part of the front passed through, we decided to head home.

The storm was heading east. We were also heading east.

Somewhere east of Hammond we caught up to the major portion of the storm. Yes, the winds were heavy, the lightning was there and the downpours were ferocious.

At times we had to cut down to about 45 miles per hour because the rain was so heavy and it was difficult to see more than 100 or so feet ahead.

But we persevered. Others slowed down with a lot of them having their emergency blinkers flashing. The more adventurous just passed us on by as though nothing unusual was happening.

We managed to get ahead of the front and decided to stop for a rest break, knowing that we didn’t have much time to take care of business and get back on the road.

As we were heading out of the gas station, the edge of the front was moving in. The rains began as we got into our vehicle and continued east on I-12.

A few miles down the road and we were out of the weather.

But then again, we weren’t really.

After getting to our home in south Mississippi, we settled in for what we knew was going to happen again.

The bad weather showed up an hour or two later, bringing with it the expected thunder and lightning, high winds and heavy rains.

So, in one day we experienced the same storm three different times.

Just goes to show what can happen when one doesn’t get up early enough to get ahead of  a system.

Next post: May 9, 2017

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