Tuesday, April 25, 2017

LeConte Lodge readies for summer hikers

Mocha and Flash take a break from eating their LeConte salads atop the mountain

Due to circumstances, like lack of stamina, weak legs and knees and perhaps a weaker mind,  I haven't hiked the trail up to LeConte Lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in a long time.

Matter of fact, it has been bout 20 years since we have put ourselves to the test. Seven years ago, my wife suffered a stroke which keeps her off the trails.

The current test for me is seeing how I feel climbing two flights of stairs.

There is a little pain in the knees and legs and the mind says, "Your best days are in the rear view mirror. Forget about it."

But I do  admire those who can muster up the energy for such a task.

And I do admire those who operate the lodge atop the mountain.

During late spring, summer and early fall, hundreds, if not thousands, make the trek, with some spending the night.

The above picture, which I procured from the site www.highonleconte.com, shows a couple pack animals used this month to take supplies up the mountain. Helicopters are also used to supply the lodge.

I've never spent the night there, but have enjoyed snacks purchased on the top of Mount LeConte.

For those who like hiking mountains and the idea of spending the night atop one in a lodge, take a gander at their website on which someone posts about daily activities throughout the year.

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