Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trip's first day: A challenge overcome

Sometimes things just don't go as expected.

Like, our current one-week trip.

I picked up our rental car on Monday morning and within a couple hours my wife and I were on the road.

We planned a two-day trip to our first destination up in Kentucky. Looking at a map, there was the thought that taking a different route other than an interstate would be interesting. Well, interesting sounds good until something goes wrong and one ends up with more mileage to cover with less time.

Well, we decided that we would go up Highway 43 from Satsuma, AL and when it intersected with Highway 5, we would take that road to I-20 into Birmingham and then northward on I-65 to Kentucky.

That's the way it seemed to be working. That is, until we hit Mobile. A warning message on the dash signaled that one of the tires was losing pressure. What to do? When a tire is losing pressure that means, of course, that it must be going flat.

Arriving at the rental car franchise in Mobile, the tire was checked. Sure enough, it was low. The car maintenance person spread some soapy water on the tire to see where the leak might be.

The water started bubbling. There was a nail in the tire where the air was escaping. 

The rental car representative at that location quickly offered another vehicle for our use and then we were on our way with only a minor delay.

The rest of the first two days went as expected. Tuesday afternoon we pulled into our first scheduled destination for a short visit.

Life does have its little surprises, but often they can be overcome. Especially when a company's representatives work quickly to help solve a problem. 

Thanks, Enterprise!

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