Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Atlantic Ocean Road, a bucket list prospect

Waves splash over the Norway Atlantic Ocean Road (Courtesy Norway travel agency)

On our Baltic Sea cruise last year we were close to Norway, but visiting that country wasn’t part of the trip.

Somehow I wish that it had been.

Especially if I could have driven what is called the Norway Atlantic Ocean Road.

In my searching around the Internet and You Tube, I came across information on the noted byway. I also found a number of You Tube videos which lets one get a feeling of being there in the moment.

The route offers an interesting perspective. Only about five miles long, the road travels over the ocean with water sloshing in from both sides. 

It probably gives tourists an exhilarating feeling as they may think they are putting their lives in jeopardy, which at times, it seems that they may.

Waves can be seen periodically rushing over the roadway and makes one, especially me, wonder if I really would drive it if I had the chance.

Yes, I would, with there would be a screaming wife sitting next to me.

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