Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Searching "Fresh Market" for new menu item

Visitors browse the venue known at the "Fresh Market" in Ocean Sprigs, MS

My wife and I haven’t been on the road much lately.

So, we’re experiencing things closer to home, which we should have been doing anyway. You know, help the local economy.

Just recently we went down to what was years ago, the Railroad Depot, but is now home to the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce and a commercial establishment.

We had heard that someone was selling fresh goat cheese at the weekly “Fresh Market” that sets up there each Saturday morning. So we decided to make an appearance.

Goat cheese has been on my food radar for about a year or so since we ordered a salad at our favorite coffee shop, Coffee Fusion, which had that ingredient in it.

It was a salad that featured walnuts, cranberries and goat cheese along with greens and other garden items.

I had never knowingly had goat cheese prior to that event. And I liked it.

Later, I was at our favorite superstore, making plans for a salad. I put in a call to the coffee shop to find out exactly what kind of cheese it was.

I now always seem to keep some on hand in the refrigerator.

Our trek to the Ocean Springs Fresh Market didn’t result in us buying any of their goat cheese. It was a tad different in looks and taste and didn’t appeal to me as much as the kind I had already purchased.

But we enjoyed the local outing anyway, and it helped make up for not being somewhere else down the road.

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