Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The sounds of silence suit me best

Through the course of our travels, we’ve run across a number of interesting signs — especially in coffee shops.

Signs are a humorous way to remind people, i.e., parents, what is expected in such locations.

Although we’ve seen well-behaved children in most of our visits to coffee shops, every now and then its the parents that are a pain.

The kids don’t know better— and the parents should.

Take for instance, one Saturday morning at our local shop.

I’m too old to deal with a number of things now. If I wanted all the noise of McDonald’s and all the kids running and playing and shouting, I would go to McDonald’s.

That’s not what I expect at a coffee shop on the weekend. I want to turn on my computer, or have a quiet conversation with my wife.

I don’t want my ears pierced by little ones. And I drew the ire of a few parents in asking for a lower decibel level of sound from their kids. 

That’s life. And sometimes, people can’t appreciate signs, or don’t think they refer to them. Anyway, the two signs above were not in our local shop, although I would like to make copies and place them on the walls.

The top one refers to others, and the second probably refers to me.

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