Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Art for the sake of everyone

Try the three R’s.

No, not those ones, other ones like — Rethink, Revamp, Rekindle.

Where did I get that? Well, "Re" was the theme behind an art program in our next-door city of Biloxi.

We didn’t have to travel to Paris or another European city to see beautiful and perhaps unusual artwork.

It was held a couple of months ago, but was enjoyable.
According to their website, “the artists of Art Can Change Everything, a local art collective on the Gulf Coast, want to change the way you see your city.”

During the event, 20 artists provided an outdoor gallery for the city. Howard Avenue, the downtown areas main thoroughfare, was “transformed with empty buildings filled with color, windows covered with contemporary works of art, all sharing the theme “Re.”

Artist Angie Molyneaux said she first entertained the idea about three years ago.

"With the help of Biloxi Mainstreet and local business and property owners, the dream has finally came to fruition,” Molyneaux said.

“The goal here is to get people actively involved in their community, and promote arts. We hope to have both locals and tourists visit downtown Biloxi, as well as citizens who may not be aware of the renaissance that is taking place in the unique Vieux Marche area of Biloxi.”

Wifey and I decided to park, go afoot and experience the city’s downtown Vieux Marche event.

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