Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Each excursion now 'trip of a lifetime'

Our Norwegian ship docked in Guatemala on previous trip

Now that 2015 is under way, it's time to start thinking about new adventures.

Some may have already gone past that point. And I have.

For years I’ve been telling wifey I wanted to take a particular cruise.

And now it is on its way to coming to fruition. And no, it's not to the western Caribbean.

Within the past two weeks we have booked airline tickets and put a deposit on the cruise. Details will come later.

I guess one could say it is the “trip of a lifetime,” but just about every trip we take now is the “trip of a lifetime.”

In 2008, my wife’s retirement trip was a “trip of a lifetime” where we took a 30-day road trip to the West Coast and back.

And then in 2012, on my retirement trip, we booked a nine-day itinerary covering a lot of places out West that we hadn’t seen before.

Our real “trip of a lifetime” was back in 1977-78 when we took a year off from work and traveled about six months over the course of a year going to Maine and back home, to California and back and then to South Dakota and back.

Another “trip of a lifetime” was to the Holy Lands back in the late 80’s. We saw parts of Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Most trips have the tag “trip of a lifetime” because even through we enjoyed the excursions, we’re not likely to repeat them.

So now’s the time to start booking your “trip of of a lifetime,” and then next year book another “trip of a lifetime.”

There’s no end in sight.

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