Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There's gold in them thar Georgia hills

For years and years we've traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

And for all those years, we mostly had our route set out before leaving home, and there wasn't much we would stop for and visit if it wasn't really close to the main highway on which we were traveling.

For all those years, we didn't do a sidetrip to Dahlonega, located in the northeastern part of Georgia.

But Dahlonega ended up being a part of our Spring Break trip.

It is a very historical site for those interested in GOLD. Yes gold. It was a famous goldmining place up until around 1849 or so. That's when the gold miners heard about greener pastures (or more colorful gold) out west in California.

They left Dahlonega in droves and joined the 49'er movement.

But Dahlonega is quite a little village. We spent about an hour or so this week in the area to make our acquaintance.

The lively town square hovers around the Dahlonega Gold Museum located in the Old Lumpkin County Courthouse built circa 1836.

There are numerous eateries in the area along with curio shops, antique shops and an old general store.

The residents of the area took quite an interest in making the square very interesting and inviting.

North Georgia College and State University sits among the higher hills in the community to the west of town. The view from the area is amazing with the mountains stretching out into the distance.

North Georgia is the Military College of Georgia and a state-designated leadership institution.

Dohlonega and the surrounding area is a place worth revisiting.

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  1. Hi Walter. I read Linda's blog regularly and she said to come over and see the photos of Dohlonega. Dianne