Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Those were the days, my friend

In the clouds on our way to San Francisco

Sometimes I think I long for the good ole days of air travel.

But was it the good ole days?

I think they were. At least for me.

I can remember one year, somewhere back in the 80's I guess, when I booked a weekend trip for my wife and I to San Francisco. 

We left from New Orleans late Friday afternoon and flew back on Monday afternoon.

It was a three-night stay. I don't remember what we did when there, but it had to be fun. The City by the Bay is just that kind of place for me.

We must have stayed at the Hotel Californian (at the time under $50 a night) which is downtown. Nowadays it is the upscale Serrano.

The airline ticket cost right at $200 each. Back then that seemed to be a good price.

One thing I remember is that when you booked the flight, when you got to the place to finalize the deal, the price you paid was the price that was expected.

Nowadays, airlines offer relatively decent prices. But when you get to the final page of the deal, the price for the trip in some cases almost doubles because of the fees that have been added for one reason or another.

I was looking at airline ticket prices to Europe just the other day. They looked good. But I knew there were going to be other fees added. 

It becomes rather disheartening to see the price jump  dramatically.

But we still want to see the world. And air travel sure makes it a whole lot quicker. Although a whole lot more expensive.

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