Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It is like going home, almost

Comfort and familiarity is important.

Especially when traveling long distances or just taking a weekend trip.

We do try new places to stay during our travels, and if we like the location, and price, then it becomes a mainstay.

Dancing waters on courtyard fountain

During travels to New Orleans, we have stayed in a number of different lodging establishments.

Years ago, when we had a smaller vehicle, we stayed just off Jackson Square. The accommodations were comfortable, fit within our budget, and one could just step out the front door and be in the activity of the French Quarter. They also had a really good continental breakfast in a charming room. Or one could go out and make use of tables in the garden.

Hotel Provincial courtyard

Our vehicle would fit in their parking garage, and there wasn't any additional fee. We moved on to a larger vehicle and it wouldn't fit. They also started doing like others throughout the country and began charging for parking, which amounted to almost one-third of a night's stay.

We looked elsewhere. . .

. . . and went back to a place we had visited years earlier, the Hotel Provincial on Chartres, east of Washington Square.

On our first visit they put us in a room on the second floor overlooking Chartres Street. As well as I could remember, the room was full of antiques or items resembling antiques.

I do remember that, after having spent a little time in the room, I looked around for my keys, with the hunt taking me to the door. The keys were on the outside.

When heading back to the Big Easy, this hotel is now on the top of our list.

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We stop off at the Louisiana visitors center on Interstate 10 and obtain a flyer  that allows for a (walk-in) discount price on the room and complimentary parking (don't expect such a good deal on holidays or special events. The fee for weekends is higher). They also offer a nice continental breakfast.

Other hotels and motels have flyers at the visitors center offering discounted rates and such, but we know there won't be any problem parking our van.

Light breakfast at the Provincial

Adjacent upscale restaurant

We have stayed at the Hotel Provincial the last three times and look forward to our next visit.

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