Tuesday, February 22, 2011

International crises to affect travel

World problems may add to cost of cruises

I traveled the world today.

It was just on the Internet, but none the less, I got a taste of what is happening.

The crises in the Middle East are pushing up the price of oil. 

For those who desire to travel, this means a lot.

Cruise lines have a fine print addendum to their prices saying that if the price of a certain kind of oil increases (usually more than $60 a barrel), a fuel surcharge will escalate to cover the costs.

Airlines will be charging more.

And if you're traveling  by the lowly motor vehicle, yes, even that will cost more.

We are on tap to go skiing near Boone, NC in a few weeks.

Gas prices may not surge enough by then to keep us away. The only problem may be that it will turn warm and most of the snow will melt.

Elk browses lawn of Grand Canyon hotel
Two years ago we took a roundtrip to California, more than 6,000 miles, during the height of the last oil spike.

We paid as much as $5 a gallon for gas, but just 5 gallons. That was in Tonopah, NV. The price over the course of the 30-day trip averaged somewhere around $3.80.

When the price of one thing escalates, we check to see if we can get something else we need as a lesser price -- such as a motel stay.

Smokys visit on agenda for spring snow skiing
Even when motel-tripping, we don't always eat each meal out (at a restaurant), unless "out" means on a picnic table or sandwiches in the confines of our van.

A cruise in May is still on tap providing the world doesn't come to an end.

Have fun and always keep travel as a priority.

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