Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kentucky -- quick trip to bluegrass country

Colorful candy at Habegger's Amish Market outside Bowling Green

Quick trips can be fun and interesting.

How about a 1,150 mile roundtrip in four days.

One day going, two there, and one back.

It was not so quick (about 11 hours each way) and easy from our home in Ocean Springs to Bowling Green, KY to visit an aunt (just six months older than myself) and her husband during a jaunt last week.

The route was I-10 east to I-65 in Mobile and north to our destination.

Relaxing was the name of the game while there, with a little bit of touristing to get a feel for the area.

Thirty three years earlier my wife and I made an excursion to the area during a year in which we quit our jobs and took a year off work to travel the country in an old van.

At that time we helped harvest tobacco plants and hang them in a barn for drying. That was quite an experience. A rainstorm came through and seemed to heighten the smell of the tobacco. 

My wife couldn't deal with that and turned her own shade of green. An up and down ride over the hills on the way to the house enhanced the experience and she needed a bucket which helped keep our van a little cleaner. 

Nowadays there are very few people who grow tobacco in the area.

During our recent trip we took a basic driving tour of the city and then went out in the countryside to a produce stand and a business that were operated by Amish and Mennonite residents.

Downtown Bowling Green was lovely and then we did an almost drive-by shooting (with a camera) of the Corvette Museum in the city.

The town is also home to the headquarters of Fruit of the Loom. A funneral home was the former home of Duncan Hines, a giant in the food industry.

Relatives lived out in the countryside and most of the 

(Photo above right and immediate left taken in downtown park)

byways there were a lane and a half, making going up hills interesting.

Were drivers coming from the opposite direction looking out for us as much as I was looking out for them.

And them before we knew it, we headed back home with good memories and a few pictures.

Habeggar's Amish Market offers wide variety

Another produce stand has its own feel

And . . . a field of flowers on the way back to my aunt's

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