Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sweet Home Alabama does it up big

It is really “Sweet Home Alabama” at one of that state’s most recently finished replacement "Welcome Centers."  The facility is located along Interstate 10 near Grand Bay, AL just east of the Alabama-Mississippi state line.

The state just in the past couple of months completed what I thought was about an almost year-long project on the new building.

My wife and I pass the welcome center often when either going to visit relatives in Georgia or just enjoying a trip to the neighboring state.

We have another relative that works at the center, but she was off the day last week when we passed through.

Watching the tearing down of the old facility, we didn’t know exactly what was planned for the new one which was situated farther off the interstate. 

But the new digs were worth waiting for. We didn’t stop on our first chance since we were in a hurry and didn’t realize that it had opened up.

But we found that Alabama put  a lot of forethought into the building and decided to make it a multi-purpose facility when needed in that it is large enough to be used as a staging area when the need to respond to hurricanes occurs.

It is a huge facility with high ceilings and a light and airy feeling.

There are numerous displays in addition to the traditional tourist information. Picnic tables still dot the landscape and there are wide walkways, with an incline that allows for handicap visitors to easily maneuver into the area.

Its all new, clean and spotless.

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