Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summertime and the traveling begins

Fife and drum, a taste of Colonial times.
(Photo courtesy Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism Alliance)

Vacation season is here!

Well, for those who are retired, traveling to exciting places can be experienced any time of the year.

But for the majority, when Memorial Day has come and gone, and school is out, its time to hit the road.

Even though wifey and I are retired, our traveling somehow coincides with events that deal with relatives.

Knowing that some travel to events is going to take place, we tend to hold back on expenditures during other times of the year so that we can make the best of what we do experience.

On Wednesday, we will be heading east and over the course of a couple weeks will visit Georgia, South and North Carolina and then into Virginia which will be the terminus.

Chesapeak Bridge and tunnel
(Photo courtesy the bridge-tunnel commission)

I’m looking forward to traveling across the Chesapeak Bay Bridge and Tunnel that crosses the expanse of the Chesapeak Bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

At times, I’m told it can be quite an experience especially if the wind is kicking up the water.

Historically speaking, we will be experiencing the Colonial times with a visit to Williamsburg.

After participating in a wedding of one of our nieces, we’ll head back down to, guess where? The Great Smoky Mountains, of course with a stay in Gatlinburg before heading home.

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