Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pizza, a salad and garlic rolls -- yummy

There are only two restaurants in Gatlinburg, TN that wifey and I have managed to make regular stops.

One is for breakfast, which is the Log Cabin Pancake House at 327 Historic Nature Trail.

Since we like to picnic for lunch at a location in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we don’t have a favorite for that time.

But for supper, we have more than once made it to the Best Italian Cafe and Pizzeria. They have two locations in the city, but the one we frequent is at Elks Plaza Shopping Center on the parkway between lights 8 and 9. Its on the east side of the road.

The other is located on the parkway between lights 6 and 8.

The first time we visited this location, about eight years ago, we must have been very hungry. We ordered salads and a large pizza.  We didn’t realize that they also provide a suitable amount of garlic rolls for consumption.

The rolls come out first and we quickly devoured them and wondered how we were going to eat the salad and all that pizza.  Well, we managed to down a good bit and packed up some of the pizza and took it with us.

We’ve since changed our ordering habits and now go with salads, but share a small pizza. With the garlic rolls thrown in, it's more than enough.

Matter of fact, I’m looking forward to our next foray to the area so we can chow down there once again.

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