Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Local ice storm offers different perspective

An ice storm is making its way through south Mississippi today (and also Louisiana, Alabama and into Georgia and the Carolinas). The temperature here tonight is expected to get down to 23 degrees with ice changing into snow sometime after midnight.

I've watch news stories of those living way farther north and seeing vehicles colliding on interstates and other roads. Other motorists lose traction on bridges and slide onto the shoulders of the roads. And I wonder, why do they get out and drive when they shouldn’t? Don’t they know it is dangerous?

Well, we’re human. We think it won’t happen to us. But we do it anyway.

This afternoon, with icy rain falling, I told my wife I was going to Walmart, which is about three miles away.

Getting into our van, I could see icicles hanging from it. There were icicles on the mailbox and the trash container was covered with ice.

I was going anyway.

I headed out and upon reaching the first four-way intersection about three blocks away, I decided to to go back home. I went around a block and then I decided that the conditions weren’t quite bad enough to keep me from my destination.

Arriving back at the same intersection, I made another cutback through the parking area at a gas station on the corner, but then decided to head on.

The adventure wasn’t that adventurous. I was traveling about 35 mph on the main highway while others flew past me doing at least 50.

There weren’t many people at Walmart. I got a few non-essential items (bird and squirrel food) and headed back. I just wanted to get out of the house for  a little bit.

On the return, my thoughts were of what the conditions were going to be on the road the following morning. After a day and night of below freezing temperatures, freezing rain and then snow, it’s going to be dangerous.

Tomorrow, I guess I'll sleep in a little late, mosey around most of the day at home and watch the news to see how others fared.

Sometimes it’s OK to delay travel.

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