Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keep warm, envision a more pleasant place

Hot coffee and a cup with an idyllic location to visit

And what a beginning. 

Cold, cold and more cold.

Take time to brew up a fresh cup of hot coffee and dream of places far away.

Down here in southern Mississippi, we’ve seen temperatures down in the teens which we realize are nothing compared to those residents farther north who have had to deal with sub-zero temperatures and not much higher during the daytime.

It appears that the temperatures will be changing later in the week and things will be looking “warmer”  for everyone.

But even so, with the beginning of a new year, it is time to make plans for new adventures and often a return to old favorites.

But that is the way life is.

We hope to be scheduling a cruise to go along with another trip to the East Coast for a June wedding and then another week back in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during the summer.

Not much to say at this time since I am trying to thaw out.

Good luck and good traveling this year.

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