Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Darwell's offers gastronomic adventure

Darwell's is an intriguing eatery in Long Beach, MS.

I heard about the place on a radio commercial and one of my relatives had mentioned eating there.

Well, the occasion presented itself recently, and on our way back from New Orleans, we arrived in the coast city during lunch time and decided to give it a try.

I didn't know what to expect. And I didn't find what I expected. 

Its off the charts when it comes to decor, but its right on target when one wants to get a good seafood meal at a reasonable price.

It's not a sit-down and order type of place. Upon entering the front door, one is faced with a wall full of intriguing offers for gastronomic adventures.

Just take your time, mull over the 100 or so options (or so it seems), place your order and then head into the inner sanctum.

There's inside seating with regular-type tables and also picnic tables. And then there is outside seating, offering the same.

Wifey ordered a crawfish meal and I chose shrimp. Both meals were great. We were mesmerized with the interior decorations which made the place look like Christmas had come early. 

Lights were strung all over the place and artwork of all types hung on the walls offeirng a festive atmosphere.

The owner's wife came by and gave us a couple specially decorated cookies for the Halloween season.

It's a place for which one yearns to return.

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