Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alligator adds a little adventure

One can often find a little adventure close by.

And I guess alligators fall into that category.

The one we saw wasn't quite as big as the record-breaking, 700-plus pounder taken just recently in Mississippi.

It was only about four or five feet long, but any size alligator seems intimidating to me.

A few months ago church acquaintances of ours invited us to their home located on a bayou. After watching the gator roam around the bayou as we shot pictures off their boatdock, we headed out to the Pascagoula River.

It was a slow ride in their pontoon boat, but interesting and enjoyable. I've crossed over the Pascagoula River many times on Interstate 10, but this was the first time we were on the river going under the interstate bridge.

Numerous other boats were on the river along with a few people on jet skis.

In my younger days, jet skis sounded good, but I've come to enjoy a slower, steady pace.

My wife and I need to get out and enjoy local scenery a little bit more.

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