Tuesday, June 5, 2012

West Coast jaunt on the agenda

Bridge celebrated 75th anniversary this year

It has been four years since the wifey and I have traveled to the West Coast. But that will change this year.

We have already made plans for a nine-day excursion that will take us as far north as Coos Bay, OR.

We'll fly from our local airport in Gulfport, make a stop in Houston and then its on to the City by the Bay.

Upon landing and getting our rental car, we will immediately head north up I-80 and then to I-5. Our first long day will end  with a stop in Yreka, CA.

Then its up and over to Coos Bay and then down the Pacific Coast mainly on highways 1 and 101.

We'll make stops in Eureka, Shelter Cove, Willits and Sausalito ending up with two nights in San Francisco before heading home.

The spark for the trip came from looking at airfares (and also the fact its been four years). I just happened to come across round-tripers for $254 each and felt that this was a good price and we had to take advantage of it.

Years ago (something like 20 or so) we took a weekender to San Francisco and the price then was $200 each.

We've never been farther north on the Calfornia coast than Mendocino. We're hoping to see some good wave action from the Pacific waters off the rocks and outcroppings along the coast.

Powell Street in the downtown

We've always wanted to see the redwoods in that area and find unique spots to take in the scenery or local food.

The West Coast odyssey will not take the place of any other trips this year. We're still booked into the Smoky Mountains in mid-July and look to take a few other smaller jaunts during the summer.

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