Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North to Alaska, well, Washington, anyway

Image taken from "Moosefest" website

I want to go north.

I want to drive to Alaska. To that fictional town of Cicely.  You know, the one made famous in the TV series "Northern Exposure."

I told wifey a number of months before my birthday that I would like to get the CDs of the show which ran on TV from 1990 to 1995.

Well, she didn't exactly surprise me when the 5th season CD set showed up. I had an idea they were on the way and happened to see the box with the CDs deposited at our front door by one of the delivery services.

We have been watching at least one episode almost each night for the past week or so. There are six CDs to the set and I guess we'll order some more.

Back then I really enjoyed the quirkiness of the characters. I liked Chris' monologues on the radio and the way each show was wrapped up with maybe some humor or just good down-home wisdom.

Some 20 years later I still find that true.  And more.

Now is  a slower time for us. You know, we're older and just don't move as fast. And there's no kids around and we can just sit and enjoy.

The show is even quirkier than I remember. And it remains relevant and just as humorous and insightful about the events of the world.

The series was filmed in Roslyn, Washington.

And I have somehow got the itch to visit the place.

Image taken from "Moosefest" website

So I "Googled"  "Northern Exposure" and found out there is an annual "Moosefest" which celebrates the series.

This year's event is July 27 to 29. There are bus and walking tours of the area, an informal dinner, barbecue lunch and other fun stuff.

Registration is limited to 120 people.

But I guess if you can't get there during the event, anytime would be an excellent time to get a feel for a piece of the past and wish that the series was still going strong.

But then again, they would all be way older, but old folks cans be funny too, right?

I would like to thank wifey so much for the CDs. Watching them have really been fun.

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