Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A couple of whimsical bluegrass guys

I love bluegrass music.

Especially the banjo. And you can also throw in the guitar, fiddle, harmonica and mandolin. There are a number of other instruments that go to making up a good group of performers.

And if you go to Waynesville, NC, you will also enjoy the whimsical look of their pickers and grinners.

Wifey and I, on a previous post, were looking at some artwork in a local studio.

And then across the street we found another bit of artwork. Really cute, interesting stuff.

It was two characters almost out of the old country "Hee Haw" TV show of the previous century. 

"Hee Haw" was a really enjoyable show (for Southerners, anyway) when entertainers of all sorts and their very curvy and pretty lady friends (not necessarily Minnie Pearl)  took to the stage on Saturday nights with their corny jokes, musical genius and vocal offerings from then-current well-known singers.

Just off Main Street in Waynessville were these two characters just standing and sitting there. I guess one of them was about seven feet tall. The other a tad shorter and relaxing on a stool.

The two were part of the display of "Ole Time Music" which is part of a public art program. They were made of recycle items and fabricated from previously used industrial equipment.

We stopped for a few minutes to take in the artwork and enjoy the creativity of local artisans to celebrate the area's heritage.

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