Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Irma or Uncle Sam? Closures possible

Vacation travel is sort of on hold for a lot of people in the southeastern United States.

Hurricane Harvey walloped the Houston, TX area pretty hard recently with devastating flooding results.

Other cities in the area also suffered.

And now, the lookout is for Hurricane Irma, which is potentially to have a heavy impact on Florida. Although at this time Tuesday night, there is no forecast that everyone seems to agree on as to where it will finally make landfall in the US, if at all.

Hopefully it will take the track some are anticipating and make a northeast turn before coming into hard contact with Florida. That would push it out into the Atlantic.

A cool front moving across the US could enhance the storm's move to the east, depending on when the front arrives in the Southeast.

My wife and I are planning on heading out during the last week of this month to make our annual camping trek to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

A bigger problem than the hurricane could affect our plans. Senators and congressmen will be fighting over increasing the country’s debt.

If that problem isn’t quickly resolved, the national parks would probably be shut down. Such a situation occurred a number of years ago.

We were headed to the mountains and got to a trailhead/picnic area called Panther Creek in northern Georgia.

Before getting out of our vehicle for a picnic, a couple local guys in a government truck pulled up and told us, because of budget problems, they were closing the place down. And quickly padlocked the facility.

Our meal was enjoyed just down the road where we pulled off.

Whether it is hurricanes or the government, the best plans often end up changed because of things out of our control.

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