Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Well, there's always next year

Jackson Square artists and interested tourists

Miscalculation, mistiming, mis …. whatever, we didn’t follow through on plans to see Christmas lighting in new places this year.

Didn’t see the zoo in Montgomery. Didn’t go to the Rock Ranch in Georgia. 

Didn’t go to Bellingrath.

We did’n’t do a lot of things, but did a lot of traveling making it to Baton Rouge there times during the holiday period and once to Georgia.

But, of course, we did manage a side trip to the Big Easy. 

Years ago, we ventured to New Orleans and managed to experience the Miracle on Fulton Street. It was great. Fake snow, plenty of lights and lighted Christmas trees and some real life “reindeer” along with some entertainment.

We drove past the venue this time, and it wasn’t quite the same. 

Apparent homeless person
sleeping through holiday crowds

But we did manage our beignets, cafe au lait and chocolate milk at the Cafe Du Monde.

That’s always followed by a walk around Jackson Square and then off for a two-hour drive home.

Maybe next year we’ll see those other things we missed. Now that we know they are out there, we can plan better.

Next post: Jan. 17, 2017

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