Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The familiar is oh so comfortable

Where is 2017 going to take you?

That is the big question this time each year when my wife and I try to get a handle on where we want to go.

As usual, we will be heading to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

It’s likely this will be a three-trip year to the area, if not four.

Already we had set up a small two-day reservation at Elkmont campground hoping to catch a glimpse of the annual firefly extravaganza.

I knew that the first two weeks of June was the optimal time. But I waited a little too long  to make a reservation and had to settle for a two-day stint at the end of the second week.

Maybe we will get lucky.

Prior to that planned visit, we may be making a pass through the area sometime in May on the tail end of a two-week trip that will have us visiting the last few states in the lower 48 that we haven’t been in yet.

And then sometime in late June or July, we’ll have a family get—together with our children and grandchildren camping at Elkmont  which is always a lot of fun.

As we age, our desires to do the so-called jet set thing has diminished. 

A number off years ago our goal was to see at least a few new countries each year. The lofty goal has sort of gone by the wayside.

Nowadays it seems that what we already know is what we like. There’s comfort in the familiar, and that’s not bad.

Now and then we may venture out, but those days don’t seem to be as enticing as they once were.

Anyway, have a Happy New Year, and may your travels take you to parts unknown so that when the time comes, you’ll have more familiar and comfortable places where you will enjoy returning.

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