Tuesday, August 9, 2016

'Summer heat' resets Sunday outing

My wife will readily admit to the fact that as the temperature goes up, my interest in most everything declines.

And that also goes for going out to eat.

On a recent out of town trip, we goofed up.

“We made a mistake,” I told my wife as we crossed the street that goes around the downtown square in Marietta, GA.

It was this past Sunday and we had parked in a handicapped spot on the east side of the square.

We had wanted to get out and try a new place and were looking forward to the adventure.

But we really knew better.

The midday sun began to heat up my body and the sweat quickly manifested itself. But we were still game if we could quickly find a place out of the heat.

We had walked a quarter of the way around the square and stopped to ask a local couple if they could recommend a nice, rather inexpensive
eating place.

They did. It was on the outside of the south side of the square and we headed over to it.

They were crowded. It was the summer. It was a Sunday. And people were out for a good time.

The restaurant person took our name, and then said “that will be a 45-minute wait.”

We said OK. But upon standing in the waiting area at the front of the restaurant, we discovered that was not even cool, what with the door opening periodically which let the outside air invade our space.

There was an empty handicapped parking spot just outside.

I told my wife I was going to get our vehicle and if the spot was open when I arrived back, I would park there, and she could come out and we would leave.

If the spot wasn’t open, I was going to pull off the main drag into a side street and she would get in our vehicle there.

The handicapped spot was open, she came out and got in.

What did we do?

We realized that no matter where we went, we would still have to deal with the heat and I didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on an experience that we weren’t going to enjoy.

So we headed back to our son’s house and had hot dogs that were left over from the previous day.

The ‘dogs’ were great. The house was cool. And we didn’t have to spend any  more money for an outing that was turning into an unpleasant event.

We’re going to head out Thursday mid-morning before the heat sets in and try again.

Hopefully it won't be as hot, the crowd won't be as big, and we'll have a really nice time.

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