Tuesday, August 2, 2016

September's "mountain song" beckons

Traditional group shot at the entrance sign

This time last year, our family had just finished up what we could call our "regular" annual camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

As one could see in the picture above, there was a lot of our family there — sons and daughters-in-law, grandkids and my brother and sister and spouses and a grandchild.

This year is considered the “off” year. One of our sons just goes to the mountains every other year and the other has found that when that happens they like to go in September when their kids are out of school.

Wife snuggles under blanket at site on the Little River

This is that year.  

By going on line early, we were able to get the same camp sites as last time. They are adjacent and on the river, which we like.

Unlike the middle of summer trips, the “grands” don’t go in the river that much because of the cooler weather.

But the cooler weather is one of the reasons for the change to September. And they manage to get in a couple hiking outings.

My wife and I like to go to the mountains anytime, but the fall of the year seems to invigorate us more.

Granddaughter on the lookout for wild animals in Cades Cove

Plans are to be in Element Campground the last week of September.

This will be our first time on the Gatlinburg side of the mountains this year. An earlier, “just getting a taste of the mountains” venture took us to Cherokee for the night.

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