Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two lanes or four, it's good to have a choice

If I had a choice and time was not an issue, I prefer to not have to take the interstate.

Unfortunately, interstates are boring. To me, that is. But they do allow one to get there faster
Just these past three days, I drove a total of right at 500 miles on two different trips.

The first was on Sunday to a funeral about 100 miles a way. Half of the trip, both going and returning home, was on four-lane highways, a little on an interstate and then a US highway that was not an interstate.

But we got off the four lane and hit a two-laner for about 50 miles.

I like going over those hills and around tighter curves. It was a challenge which I enjoyed. We had to slow down to go through small towns. It was seeing Americana. The way it should be seen.

Two days later we set off on another journey, this time about 150 miles away. There were time constraints. Therefore it was the interstate. We pointed our van down the highway, set cruise control and we're on our way. But then there was the heavy traffic, numerous 18-wheelers and drivers in more of a hurry than I was.

On two different days, for two different events, we could take the roads that suited our desires. That's a nice choice to have.

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