Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Enhancing can add some 'pop' to pictures

Enhanced photo

I would like to say that the above picture was all natural.

But I can't. It was enhanced and then worked on a little more.

I like “natural” color in photographs.

Not the “enhanced” kind.

And most of the time it is easy to get some good color.

But sometimes, some pictures can be weak and need a little boosting for a better pop.
Original photo
Usually, I don’t do that.

But this past week, after looking at some sunset pictures taken by another individual, I wondered if the photo was enhanced.

It was a great sunset shot with all the vibrant reds one could want.

“And I didn’t use any filter,” she said.

I took her word for it. 

I was a little miffed. — At myself.

Enhanced photo

Original photo
If one wants to get some good sunset pictures, they need to be out at sunset with their camera.

I don’t usually walk the beach in the evening.  If I want to be there, I have to make an effort.  But that doesn’t happen much.

So I decided to find some pictures I had already taken and try to boost the image.

The above photos show the original color and then another past the point of being “enhanced.”

Enhanced photo

Original photo
I like the reworked shots, but I don’t know that I am into that type of time-consuming project that I would rework all of my pictures.

When some of your shots don’t look so good, maybe it is time to hit the “enhance” button and then go a few steps farther changing the colors and contrast.

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