Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Travelers have been lucky with low gas prices

Back in the summer of 2008, gas in California was rocketing upward

I sure hope most people who like to travel are taking advantage of the lower gas prices.

Not so much, with me.

During the first two months of the year, we haven’t been hardly anywhere but over to New Orleans, and then east to Foley, AL to pick up some backsplash tile for our new house.

When passing the local gas stations and seeing the lowest gas prices in years, it brings to memory a number of times when we hit the road at the peak of gas prices.

It was back in the summer of 2008 on the trip we called my wife’s retirement trip.

Remember the summer of 2008? Remember the gas prices?

Well, I can.

We had decided on a 30-day road trip from Mississippi to California and back.

Were we going to let the then close-to-$4-a-gallon gas in most places, or the $5-a-gallon gas in Nevada and almost that much in California keep us away from our appointed trip?

Inexpensive camping can help ease higher costs in other areas
No way. We justified the trip and accepted the gas prices because half of the nights on our trip were spent in campgrounds costing anywhere from about $8 a night (we’re retired and have one of those half-price cards for national parks) to near $30.

Because we didn’t pay a high nightly price for a room, gas wasn’t that big of a problem.

A 11-night stay in an apartment in San Francisco cost us just over $600.

We’ve learned how to justify traveling by taking the overall cost and not letting just one outrageous price keep us at home.

Gas be rather high at out-of-the-way coastal locations such as Mendocino, CA

We did get caught in Medocino, CA on my retirement trip back in 2012. We added a few gallons at $6.20, but that was an aberration because of where we were. We were also renting a small car at the time, so that helped.

But right now, we are at home. And soon to be at our new home, that’s why we not traveling that much.

Hitting the road is in my blood, and we'll still get out there even though prices are creeping up. 

We’ll just consider how much we saved because of the lower prices over the past six months and not feel bad about seeing new places.

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