Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A back home feeling, even in the Baltics

The Manila Trio playing in the Atrium aboard the Norwegian Star
It’s been almost a year since my wife and I were on a nine-day Baltic Sea cruise aboard the Norwegian Star.

And one of the good experiences, among a lot, was listening to an instrumental trio almost each night in the atrium.

If we could find a seat, we would enjoy a latte and hot tea while sitting there during the duration of their gig.

There was a guitar player, flutist and violinist called the Manila Trio.

I don’t know if I’m politically correct or not, but I would describe the trio as being of Asian heritage.

Mostly they played easy listening music.

But perhaps the most entertaining song I heard one day was on the elevator landing about three decks above.

I could hear their playing but couldn’t see them from my location.

The song reminded me somewhat of music from back home. Well, not home, home, but the Southern United States.

Our residence is deep in Dixie from which a number of genres of music originated or were brought to the forefront by noted entertainers.

There was rock music with Elvis, country with Jimmy Rodgers, blues with Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, the recently deceased BB King and others.

I don't recall hearing any of that type of music, but on this particular afternoon, the trio pulled out all the stops on blue grass.

They were playing the Orange Blossom Special made famous by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and really “rocking” out on it. The sound was entertaining and invigorating.

As they continued the high-tempo song, I wondered if there were anyone, besides me, on the ship that enjoyed such an offering?

Or would there just be polite applause?

I was truly surprised. There were actually others there that felt the same way about the music as I did.

Upon completion of the song there was a rousing reception as whoops and hollers went up along with a lot of clapping.

It warmed my heart that others appreciated bluegrass.

And then, I thought, good music is good music, no matter where one is in the world.

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