Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stockhom stroll enjoyable, refreshing

Pedestrian walkway between two streets in Stockholm, Sweden

Cruises are exhilarating and they can be limiting.

Both are good points.

Bulletin board

On our Baltics Sea cruise in early May, we made port in six countries. They were all new countries to my wife and I.

That was exhilarating.

The limiting part of such a trip, if that I feel that for one to get a better feel for a community, one must spend a night in that particular place.

We did overnight in St. Petersburg, but our two-day tour kept us on the go and at the end of each day, we were so tired we were not interested in any nightlife. As is the case with Russia, cruisers couldn’t just get off the boat and amble around on their own.

There were limitations and requirements. And that was OK, under the circumstances which we were involved in.

Apparently I wasn't meant to go into this area
But with other countries, that was not the case.

And after my wife fell and injured herself after leaving Helsinki, she was was not able to do anything touristy the next day in Stockholm.

That’s when I ventured out for a couple hours on my own and managed to walk through a portion of the area on the outskirts of the downtown area.

Typical grocery store such as is in most countries

During the whole course of my excursion, there was a very light rain falling, but not enough to interrupt it.

I meandered around huge fields, down through a residential area, then a park, a McDonald’s, a grocery store and a very pedestrian friendly walkway between two streets.

Since it was May, the daytime temperatures were mild and enjoyable.  There weren’t any restrictions on my travels, but I didn’t journey more than about a couple miles from our ship the Norwegian Sun.

Colorfully dressed small ones taking a morning stroll 

In planning for the trip, my wife and I talked about visiting the Abba Museum, but that didn’t happen.

Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from my jaunt around town.

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