Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cagney's steak just melts in one's mouth

Cagney's on the Norwegian Star offers great food
I like to grill steak at home.

But it is usually sirloin or T-bone. Not the more expensive cuts.

I thought I knew what a good steak tastes like.

But it took a piece of meat on the Norwegian Star to change my mind.

During the Baltic Sea cruise with my wife back in May, we enjoyed being able to participate in the specialty dining venues.

There was La Cucina, Cagney’s, Le Bistro, Moderno and Teppanyaki.

On our second night out, Cagney’s was our choice. And it was also our choice two more times.

It was a steak house. And I chose a steak, the filet mignon, along with a baked potato and broccoli with cheese. The meal was preceded by a nice salad and followed by ice cream.

I didn’t know what to expect about the steak, but couldn’t believe my taste buds upon putting that first piece in my mouth.

Those who have traveled the world, and experienced more upscale restaurants, may say that the steak was OK. 

But to me, it was wonderful. Cooked just right and unbelievably, it just seemed to melt in my mouth.

The other times we visited Cagney’s I ordered the 1 lb sirloin and then went back to the filet mignon, this time the smaller size.  They were all great.

My wife and I had the Norwegian experience a few years ago on a cruise out of New Orleans. We thoroughly enjoyed the dining options and their "free style" and that’s why we cruised Norwegian again, because I enjoy being able to just have a “table for two.”

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