Tuesday, October 21, 2014

There's snowfall all the time in the Smokies

When in Gatlinburg, one can get the “feeling” of snowfall anytime of the year — even the summer months.

How is that?

Well, it's artificially make-believe. It has to do with special lighting.

Wifey and I, on our last visit in September, decided to eat out at a place east of town called Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill on US 321.

We had missed the place on a previous trip — just wasn’t looking in the right direction.

It was advertised as overlooking a creek. I always like to be somewhere that overlooks a creek. So we finally found it and gave it a try.  Their menu claims to have something for everyone at an affordable price.

We enjoyed the meal. I liked the open aspect to the structure — and they did have a small creek traipsing along the backside and also water cascading from the roof.

Wifey mentioned she wanted to see something in the big tree outside the main entrance.

After partaking of a port sandwich, fries and Coke while wifey had a salad and water, we got a glimpse of what was going on.

The 40-foot high or higher tree was dressed out in white lights that gave a feeling (well, almost) of falling snow.  

There were four or five lights in each tube, of which there were more than a hundred. The lights would go on and off from the top to the bottom of each tube giving the feeling of snowfall.

I had been looking for something similar and was glad to get a look at the actual lights.

I’m going to look on the Internet and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have falling snow (it light form) at our house for this Christmas.

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