Tuesday, November 12, 2013

County fair offers rides, livestock, great food

Some kids like to just go round and round

Fall was in the air in south Mississippi recently.

Fall here, is that brief period of time when one doesn't have to use their air conditioner or heater. That's means saving money on energy costs.

It also means that time when the county fair has its annual run.

And that was the case in October.

Pascagoula was the location. Yes, Pascagoula. You remember that song brought out by Ray Stevens years ago called, "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival."

But I digress.

One can find too many rides that go round and round, or up and down. They sound and look sickening to me.

But heck, in  younger days I enjoyed the adventure.

County fairs are also full of livestock such as cows and chickens and rabbits and bulls and goats. And even peanuts (pictured above).

There were a lot of food booths, not to mention live entertainment, arts and crafts exhibits and seafood gumbo.

Wifey and I decided to go for the first time in about 20 years. When we had youngsters at home we would go each year.

But life changes. I seemed to also remember that  during that time of year, the fair would be visited by afternoon downpours making it unpleasant to get around the muddy area.

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