Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Provisions offers coffee and a lot more

On our travels, we're always on the lookout for a new coffee shop experience.

And our son and daughter-in-law introduced us to such a place -- Provisions in Roswell, GA.

They found it and journey over on Sundays.

That's the day they took us. And upon leaving their residence the next day, headed for the Gatlinburg, TN area, wifey and I decided to stop off again.

It was enjoyable.  After we visit certain places, the next step is to compare our experience with reviews that people have placed on the Internet.

As in most cases, there are good and not so good reviews.

But we liked the place. Maybe we are not as hard to please as others.

Provisions sits on Canton Street in the historic district just off the Alpharetta Highway.

They offer inside and outside seating. And the days we visited, being mild and cool, there were plenty of people to fill up the seats. Sufficient parking was available both across and down the street.

Wifey had tea and I had a latte on both days. We also shared a croissant which was OK but not like being in a fancy French eatery. Of course, I've never been in a fancy French eatery.

Provisions is way more than a coffee shop with a wide variety of breakfast and lunch foods.

The business offers more than 125 domestic and international cheeses and fresh, handmade ravioli. They carry smoked and cured hams, salami, sausage, roast beef and a wide variety of other meats.

Within the confines is more than 100 different wines from a wide variety of countries. They offer complimentary tastings three times a week.

It was a lively scene and we hung around enjoying the ambience.

Would we go back again. Sure nuff!

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