Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally, a stopover at the Pisgah Inn

View looking south from our Pisgah Inn room

Its kind of cold here at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It must be in the low to mid 50s in the early afternoon.

I'm sitting on a small balcony in a wooden rocker with a blanket I brought from home wrapped around my legs and lower body. I have a long-sleeve hoddie helping keep the rest of me warm.

I am looking across the horizon to the east, south and southwest as the evening sun scoots across the mid-May sky heading for its demise in the far west.

And as I sit here, I am typing on my computer.

Yes, out here in the middle of nowhere, on the almost top of the Carolina world, there is WIFI. Its hard to break the habit. If there's a connection, I gravitate to my computer no matter the location.

I didn't really know if there would be WIFI here. But since it is, I am taking advantage of it.

Wifey and I got here about 2 in the afternoon (on a Tuesday) and decided to go into the restaurant for a dessert. At the time she didn't know we were going to spend the night at this elevation which is at 5,000 feet.

Upon leaving the restaurant, I told her that when we were up this way we always talked about spending the night, but never did.

We walked into the office and when the clerk asked if she could help us, wifey was surprised when I spelled out our last name for the clerk to look it up for our reservation for that night.

We were given room 104. That was in the same building as the office and was adjacent to the restaurant, which made it great because of my wife's walking challenge since her stroke.

Its cold and getting colder. But we'll start getting ready in a couple hours for supper and hopefully a glorious sunset although that big red ball will be going down farther to the north and we'll just get to see the afterglow.

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  1. so beautiful, and all those rockers... that alone would make me visit.