Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little windy at the "Blowing Rock"

There was a lot of wind the other day when we visited a storied location in North Carolina.

But that was to be expected.

It was the "Blowing Rock" in the city of Blowing Rock

We had been through the area a year or so ago and decided, if we had the chance to visit the area, to return and see some of the sights.

Well, we only saw one of the local sights -- the oldest tourist attraction in the state -- saving others for the future.

Wifey said, after visiting the park, that the $6 entrance fee was well worth it.

We got to get out and stretch our legs, see some beautiful scenery, view some local flowers and also get a look at the rocks. Not to mention shivering a little because of the cool temps.

It was mid-May but still on the cold side. A cool front came through and the temperature got down to 32 degrees the night we spent in the town.

After the overnight stay and seeing "Blowing Rock," we headed to Boone for another short stay before going down the Blue Ridge Parkway for a night's stay at the Pisgah Inn.

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