Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Farmers' markets - they're so delicious

Wifey and I are drawn to farmers' markets.

Well, wifey is, and I am pulled to them whether I want to go or not.  But that's not really the case. I enjoy visiting stalls and displays of food that someone else has produced seeing that I find it hard to grow things.

I usually try growing tomatoes, cucumbers, okra and this year we are into peas and green beans, corn, also some sunflowers not to mention babying along a strawberry plant that made it through the winter.

But I digress.

Last October after we had breakfast in Eureka, CA, we drove around town a little and there was, guess what, a farmers' market, and that was on a Tuesday morning.

Most cities have one on the weekends.

But anyway, we stopped, got out and walked a couple blocks to see what was happening.

It was interesting. Plants, fruit and even some bluegrass type entertainment was on tap.

We surveyed the whole place and then made our purchases which included some blueberries.

And then we were heading on down the coast enjoying the great weather and exceptional scenery.

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