Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lori's gushes "nostalgia" for Baby Boomers

Lori's Diner is another place we like to eat when visiting the City by the Bay.

They offer a wide variety of food and serve up an extra helping of "nostalgia" for all the Baby Boomers that go through the doors. 

There's an old Edsel, some old-fashioned record players, an old gas pump and red, red, red colored booths. 

The location we're most familiar with is the one at Powell and Sutter. Whenever we visit, it's always busy and is an enjoyable experience. They have other locations in the area.

We are tourists, and it fills a touristy need. The food is filling, the prices in line with a tourist spot and the decor takes one "back to the good old days" -- if they ever existed. 

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