Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First B&B experience paves way for more

Coos Bay Manor, Oregon

On our trip last fall to the West Coast, I wanted to give my wife the experience of staying at a bed and breakfast.

She had talked about it numerous times and I had  been hesitant about such accommodations.

I'm kind of a private person. When the motel door is shut, I don't want others involved in my life. I knew that a B&B would be different. They are more intuned to having people interact.

My wife likes and encourages building relationships. B&Bs are good for that, but not necessarily for me.

Our one and only B&B experience ever was the Coos Bay Manor. I had done a search on the Internet and it looked like a good selection.

The business was in a residential area, had a lot of history behind it and the pictures on the Internet made it feel likes a warm and inviting place.

And it was.

We arrived late on a Sunday, about 8 p.m., when the proprietors, via their website, suggested a 6 p.m. arrival time. 

But that wasn't a problem.

We happened to be the only guests for the night and were treated royally. Our second floor room was inviting and comfortable. We could open the window to let in some cool October weather.

Coffee and tea were left at our door the next morning and we thoroughly enjoyed the amenities.

Hostess Madge Osborn

Our breakfast was more than sufficient and we muddled around the first floor furnishings before getting serious about heading down the coast toward California.

Our stay gave me a better perspective and appreciation of B&Bs and I wouldn't hesitate to stay at such accommodations again.

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  1. Wow! I just came across wonderful write-up on the Coos Bay Manor. Thank you so much for the glowing report. You were pretty amazing guests!

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